Child-in-hospital-008-e1448667364369Various diseases are common in the early stage of life. In the early pediatric stage, developmental problems can occur. Our experienced Board Certified Pediatrician can detect these problems with regular routine examinations. At Hillside Polymedic continuity of care is provided by the pediatrician from the time of delivery and discharge from the hospital and continued into adolescents and young adults stage. This enables parents to ensure their children’s health by making sure that all vaccinations are up to date:

  1. Well Care
  2. Infant Visits
  3. Developmental Tests
  4. Screening Tests
  5. Physicals for School and Camp

Our Providers

Chudi Chime, MD
Samuel O. Ani, MD
Carmina Ramona N. Rivera, MD
Lurline P Stona, FNP
George Baah, DPM
Marian David, MD