We Offer FREE Prenatal & Postpartum Care
Comprehensive Prenatal Care
Hospital Delivery and Newborn
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Who Is Eligible?

  •  If you currently have Medicaid
  • If you currently have Medicaid HMO
  • If you have no health insurance
  • If you were not eligible for Medicaid in the past
  • There are no immigration or citizenship requirements
  • Minimal documents required You must meet the financial eligibility guidelines of the New York State Department Of Health

What Will This Care Cost?
All care are FREE if you are determined eligible by the financial guidelines of the NYSDOH. We will assist you in applying for Medicaid and Medicaid HMO for yourself and your baby.
What Services Are Covered?
Prenatal visits, Sonograms, Lab test
Health education, vitamins, nutritional Counseling
Referrals to WIC and other programs
Hospital Care and delivery: Your care for two months after delivery
Your baby’s health care for a year following birth
How Long Will I Receive Care?
You will receive care from the earliest stages of pregnancy through the birth of the baby and includes post-partum care. Some families may be eligible for continued coverage under New York State’s Medicaid program.
What Documents Should I Bring To My First Appointment?
Bring any documents requested by the staff, including information from your health history and previous pregnancies, if any.
The following documents are required to register:

  1. Two articles of proper identification
  2. Proof of residency including mail with name and current address, rent, receipts, lease or mortgage statements, utility bills, etc. (If another person is providing shelter for you, please provide the aforementioned pertaining to the person providing shelter in addition to a written letter from the person that he/she is providing shelter for you)
  3. Proof of income and health insurance status, including pay stubs from the last two months or a letter from your employer stating the status of income and health insurance (if unemployed, please provide unemployment stubs from the past two months).
  4. Award letters if you collect from social security, military or veterans benefits, insurance payments, or New York State Disability benefits.
  5. Proof of pregnancy from physician, which includes estimated due date.
  6. Proof of Medical bills pertaining to pregnancy.